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What is Goons Edge Gaming, and why was it started? The vision came from the twisted mind of Theodore Goonington. One night after an extended goon and edge sesh, he came out of his masturbation induced stupor and experienced a moment of clarity. The idea light went off in his head, and he realized that even though there are many video game blogs and sites, most of them have lost their way. There isn’t a fun video game site around anymore. Politics and woke mobs on Twitter were consuming everyone’s minds, and game coverage stopped being funny and stopped catering to the common gamer. With an idea for a funnier, brighter future, Theodore contacted his long-time friend Santiago Goonagucci, and together they hashed out the idea that would become Goons Edge.


Goons Edge is a virtual haven for people that still want to laugh. For everyday gamers that want to read about relatable gaming experiences. A place for gamers to see real perspectives without the taint of Twitter tattletales dictating the types of things that are okay to write about. Goons Edge is the last online haven for the miscreants and edge lords that grew up when the internet wasn’t a safe place to show your grandma pictures of your lunch. We grew up with rotten, with goatse, with something awful. We grew up hard, and we grew up mean, and we’re betting that there’s an awful lot of you out there who feel adrift in the water with no place to call home in this new internet world.


So welcome to Tortuga, to the last cantina on Mos Eisley that hasn’t been bought out by Disney. To GEG, a port city where you can let your freak flag fly, laugh, and read about video games. Goons Edge is here.



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